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you are the STAR of the stage

~ by Maurajane Rogers

~ Photography by Susan Hagstrom

setting_space_01The volatility and unpredictability of the current real estate market demands an uncommon approach to selling property. Enter Blair Hamaty, stage right, Accredited Stage Professional, member of International Association of Home Staging Professionals, President of B.I.R.C. (Boston International Regional Chapter of Home Stagers) and owner of the world’s (yes, the world’s) largest home staging company. On a commanding block in America’s Hometown lay a world of untold treasures and collections for your home, your workspace, your man cave or perhaps your art studio. Whatever the space you possess—whether selling or staying, posting or hosting—Blair Hamaty and his innovative team will execute a staging using a mixture of your hopes, their vision and thousands of style choices to fill the need.

A self-taught entrepreneur with experience in both business and design, Hamaty was determined to captain his own ship and sought an arena that fit his desire for artistic and personal freedom. His insistence that his work bring happiness and joy to others led him to incorporate his background in retail, furniture and home decor with his natural eye for fashion trends and it was there he was introduced to the world of home staging. Since the inception of Setting the Space nearly 8 years ago, a natural joie de vivre and inclination towards all things spectacular has rocketed Hamaty to the top of his game. Indeed, Hamaty dons many hats: those of buyer, designer, executive, personal shopper, guidance counselor, DJ, mixologist and more. Assisting Hamaty in the success of Setting the Space are Creative Director, Will Hayward and Lead Designer, Sue Shockley. This powerhouse triumvirate brings a vision to the world of home staging and interior design that knocks the socks off all competitors. The adage “when you love what you do it shows” applies to Hamaty as he is on a veritable mission from God to bring people happiness through accoutrement of many kinds. This mission is validated and completed tenfold daily, as was evidenced by the manner in which he moved throughout his showroom one recent chilly Saturday morning. Greeting customers, engaging them personally, offering assistance without every being overbearing, always available, never suffocating—these are some of the basic tenets of his business model.

setting_space_02Hamaty explains that, “most buyers, over 90% in fact, cannot envision living in a space not properly staged.” With experience on the national stage, an eye focused on trends beyond the borders and international scouting from Europe to Africa to the Far East, Setting the Space “works for homeowners, builders, developers and realtors to produce effective home sales.” Beyond that, Setting the Space is for the everyday man and woman, looking for anything and everything to make their surroundings and daily existence beyond the mundane. With two warehouses, a three-story showroom and an interior design studio, Setting the Space will provide you with endless original options. Whether you are on a bungalow budget or a mind-boggling amount of penthouse pennies, Setting the Space will set you straight without being narrow-minded. Soup-to-nuts services range from consulting to full-blown execution of readying your home for presentation and sale. Two warehouses well stocked with “inventory ready to be placed in your space,” are easily accessible and open to the public. More importantly, they are free for browsing at your pace without an oppressive sales force ruining your enjoyment of the furniture, notions and provisions skillfully displayed for consideration. Hamaty understands this need—that 18 of the time to consider, digest and envision—when a client enters the warehouses or sister store S.I.T. Furniture (both located less than 3 miles from the stellar showroom on historic Main Street, Plymouth). He provides clients with the necessary space once greeted and informed oh-so-briefly of the dizzying array of options available.

setting_space_03Think Setting the Space is not for you simply because you are not thinking of selling? Au contraire! Hamaty and team are there as resources for the shopper looking for a hostess gift, trying to revamp an empty nest or hoping to bid adieu to styles that are passé. The retail showroom is a must see, a must do for everyone and anyone, regardless of age or economic status. Approaching the storefront you are greeted with music that cross cuts generational enjoyment and once across the threshold swaths of beauty, frivolity, necessity, an atmosphere of whimsy with originality beckons you to browse. The eye is drawn high and low, with items that surprise, delight and repeatedly produce exclamations. From Route 66 to the Champs Elysees, from the African bush to the waves of the Pacific Islands, you will get lost in what Setting the Space has to offer. If it’s wearable art you’re looking for, they’ve got it. Looking for furniture the Sun King may have had at his little spot just outside of Paris? Hamaty’s team can get it done for you. Filament bulbs, wind chimes, mirrors reclaimed from house parts—even greeting cards— the showroom at Setting the Space can fit any and every need: From babies to baubles, bucolic to provincial, urban to avant-garde—all without pomposity or ostentation. Sometimes working with what you’ve got is necessary and a shortcut to a statement piece can be as easy as recovering a chair in order to make a room pop. With on-site consultation and custom fabrics by designers such as Arcadia, Robert Allen, Beacon Hill, Leftbank Art, and MJD (Michael Jon Designs – check out the hipster collection!), you can forget about the sky because the universe is the limit.

setting_space_04Hamaty’s staff of fourteen go in every direction for the satisfaction of the customer, searching high and low for the right fit, item, piece or color. Whether it’s a numerical Apothecary cabinet, Beaumont chairs, trundles, sideboards, hutches, dressers, mirrors, coffee tables, side tables, sconces, Pasteur beakers (you’re starting to get the idea)…no matter how remote the item may be that you are looking for, they are sure to have it. Looking for a rug that will really tie the room together? You are sure to find it at Setting the Space because what their collection brings is inspiration. It provides a celebratory brainstorming of all things adornment, starting with simplicity and driving all the way to flamboyantly ornate. Big, small or simply party-size, Hamaty knows what we want, what will translate to happiness and he delivers, again and again. With services in one-day design, holiday and event decorating, model home design, floral design (fresh, in so many ways) and interior design projects, their work has garnered awards and caught the eye of Hollywood. Dressing room design, floral design and rental properties prepared for Hollywood A-listers are exciting opportunities that Hamaty continues to foster and build relationships on. Whether relocating, redesigning, selling or just preparing for the kiki of a lifetime, the talented team at Setting the Space will seal the deal, and beautifully at that.

setting_space_05Take a moment—a languorously long moment—and visit Setting the Space, the premier staging company at 2 Main Street, Plymouth. It is for the young and the old, male and female, it is Mars meets Venus. Go on a Sunday morning and enjoy a mimosa, have a day-date first date, or get a sitter and go on a date night. Whichever it is, let yourself be inspired. Setting the Space is a multinational, culturally and generationally melded tapestry of environs rich in textiles, wrought iron, leather, furs, canvas, woods, glass, floral, audio, visual, light and more. Check your worries at the door, immerse yourself in the sentimental connections inclusive of olfactory stimulation and allow yourself the happiness Blair Hamaty is quite adept at providing.

Find them online at, shop them online (, contact them at 508-746-0600 and “Like” them on for special offers.


2 Main Street, Plymouth
Hours: Monday – Sunday 10am to 6pm,
Thursday & Friday nights until 8pm

Setting the Space is coming to Colony Place!
Our address will be 140 Colony Place opening May 1st!

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