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Early Spring issue of the South Shore Magazine

I contemplated calling this issue of South Shore Magazine “ENDLESS WINTER,” as even the most hearty of New Englanders are yearning for some signs of Spring.

Terms such as “feel-like temperature,” “wind chill,” “snow farms,” “bullseye,” “jack pot,” “epicenter” in reference to snow totals of which the South Shore was the crowned king! All have us cringing and moaning.

This winter has not only taken a toll on our psyche, but has also beat us physically from endless snow and ice removal. It has created havoc and serious damages for commerce (unless you were part of the snow and ice removal business) and private and commercial properties. Items such as roof rakes, ice melt pucks and pantyhose filled with calcium chloride are now tools-of-the-trade for homeowners. One South Shore hardware store chain sold over 1,900 roof rakes, 9,000 snow shovels, 631,000 pounds of ice melt and 136,500 roof pucks.

Seeing that we have not had a complete melt of all the snow and ice, we are just scratching the surface as far as damage from ice dams and roof collapses. There will be flooded basements for sure and damages to homes, buildings, roads and landscaping (trees, shrubs, grass, pools) will be unprecedented.

With that said, it is paramount that you make the effort to get out and support your locally-owned and operated businesses. Restaurants, retailers and car dealers were some of the hardest hit sectors and now these businesses need your support to try and recoup weather-related losses and to get back on track.

The Spring edition of South Shore Magazine has some exciting articles, long time south shore business: Best Chevrolet has now expanded its line up to include Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram and has put down stakes for the new dealership in Plymouth, check out the great article about this new venture and the successful philosophy of Best.

I would also like to welcome you to the hilarious writing of Erica Ford Sweeny and her satirical and humorous writing style and experience of parenting. I have the pleasure to also have Erica as a co-host on our weekly radio show: South Shore Live, which airs Monday nights from 8-10 pm on 95.9 FM WATD in Marshfield.

The world of wine business is ever evolving. Curtis Liquors at their Weymouth location has opened the areas first Wine Tasting Classroom, classes are available for all types of education for novice to expert in the pursuit of knowledge of wine happiness. Check out their website: www.curtisliquors. com

I would also like to welcome our new client/ advertisers: Dr. Stephen Matarzzo DMD, Lifetyme Exteriors, Beacon Rock Realty, Bridgemans on Nantasket (under new ownership, a food lover’s dream menu) and Trio (sister restaurant to 4 Square in Weymouth Landing). Thank you to all of other client/advertisers here on the pages of our magazine. Your support makes this magazine possible. To our readers, please make the effort to let our clients know how much you enjoy our publication and their terrific businesses. Your support of these businesses in so important in maintaining the vibe and fabric of what makes the south shore the great place that it is.

Lastly, our digital edition of South Shore Magazine has become wildly popular! Tell a friend, co-worker, tell everyone to go to our website www.thesouthshoremagazine to read this and past editions!

Here is to a magnificent Spring!


Stanley Blackmur

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