Ad Size Specs

The South Shore Magazine is mailed directly to 20,000 homeowners on the South Shore. Homes are individually selected from tax data bases mailing to the highest value homes in the market. Participating advertisers achieve total selected target market coverage, and are assured that all South Shore homeowners they reach can afford their products and services.

Billing and payment policies for The South Shore Magazine
Pricing that we have provided is contingent upon ad/editorial commitment at our lowest prices (4X Prepay Rates). To receive these rates you must pay your invoice upon receipt Invoices that are not paid by this date will be surcharged at the “General Display Rates”.

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South Shore Magazine has been an incredible resource for Road To Responsibility.  The article campaign and front cover has elevated our exposure and placed us front and center in the South Shore.  We have seen an increase in the amount of brand and organizational recognition through all areas of our marketing and communication channels.  South Shore Magazine has been an asset to us, and has helped us connect with more businesses, community partners and families.  We would not have been able to do this as quickly and as effectively if it weren’t for the article campaign, and especially the front cover exposure through South Shore Magazine.

~ Christopher T. White, President & CEO ~ Serenity R. Belo, Director of Development and Communications